GraalVM, Spring, & Containers

In this session we are joined by Kris Foster, GraaIVM Product Management at Oracle Labs, who delivered a session on ‘GraalVM, Spring & Containers – The benefits of native executables in Containers’.

This talk takes a look at how you can use GraalVM Native Image to package your Java Spring Applications as a native executable within Docker containers. We start out with a Simple Spring application, look at how we can “dockers” it and then took a look at various performance characteristics.

We then move onto to how to create a native executable of this application, using GraalVM Native Image. We packaged it in a couple of containers (including Distroless) and saw how we can shrink the container size, reduce the start-up time and reduce the memory consumption.

About Kris: Kris works with the Java sales team to raise the profile of GraalVM, Oracle’s new Java Runtime, as well as helping to identify applications, sectors and businesses that would benefit from GraalVM’s unique feature set. Kris is also responsible for working with customers on Proof-of-Concepts that help them to establish the value of GraalVM, within their organisations.

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Watch ‘GraalVM, Spring, & Containers’ on-demand here:

10/05/2022 6:00 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Kris Foster

Product Management, Oracle Labs

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