Docker is a gateway drug – New tricks learned by an old dog

Carl Sargunar joined the session, Technical Director at Mondo Media and The Green Crocodile Company, who will be giving us his insight into the topic: ‘Docker is a gateway drug – New tricks learned by an old dog’.

As an old-school dotNET developer, who had spent a lot of time building web applications on IIS – first using WebForms and then MVC, and when Docker came along, although I thought it was cool, Carl largely ignored it for many years. Until one day he didn’t….

In this talk he goes through his journey of discovery – learning about docker, about micro-service architecture and container architecture, about how it can help the local development process, how it helps teams, and some of the really cool things it can do.

In 10 tips and tricks, he’ll go through some of the things he’s learned, that have helped him, and that are just plain cool. Without giving away too many spoilers it will involve Linux, raspberry Pis, and a certain mid 90s first-person shooter, although not all at the same time.

Carl has been building websites and apps for various clients for the last 20 years, from running agencies to direct clients, and generally integrating the heck out of systems. He enjoys learning new things and sharing what he has learned.

Many of the .NET community know Carl for his large presence in the community – as a speaker at events like Codegarden, Umbraco Spark and DDD SouthWest, as well as the .NET SouthWest Meetup which he is a co-organiser of.

He’s been in web and application development from the early days of .NET – starting when 1.1 was released and using every version professionally since – focusing on predominantly web and cloud technology but with a bit of application and mobile development thrown in. He aspires to be the proverbial swiss army knife that Scott Hanselman uses as an example in his talks – good at one thing, but with a lot of other areas of experience.

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16/05/2023 6:30 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Carl Sargunar

Technical Director, Mondo Media

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