iO Data Virtual Meetup – How Can Microsoft Fabric Have an Impact on Your Business?

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iO Associates are excited to bring you our Data Virtual Meetup!

Taking place on Thursday 17th August at 13:00, this meetup is a community with the aim of bringing together Data professionals nationwide through insightful and interesting talks.

Join us for this instalment discussing ‘How Can Microsoft Fabric Have an Impact on Your Business?’, with our brilliant guest speaker Paul Andrew, Co-Founder & CTO at Cloud Formations and Microsoft MVP!

All this talk about Data-Ware-Lake-Delta-Beach-House-Lakes (or some combination of that) and Data, Yarn, Fabric integration, everything has got a bit… Meshy! Yes, my friends. The beat of the technology drum is certainly relentless. And with no limits cloud scale and huge innovations from the biggest brains.

Two years, it seems, has become the benchmark for tools to live and die by. Reach three years and you almost have a mature product. That said, Microsoft Fabric, the latest offering from global software giant is no exception. But what does this mean for the real world. For the data analysts, engineers and scientists that need to continue answering everyday problems to inform business decisions.

In this session we will firmly ignore the hype and focus on the reality. With the pragmatic view of an experienced architect. The problem of gaining insights from our data hasn’t changed. So, what does this mean if implemented using Microsoft Fabric. What, why and how is the tooling going to change our daily deliverables in the short term, medium and long term. Join me for these answers and more as we explore the impact of Microsoft Fabric-Server, erm, Power. Resource. Thing!

About our speaker, Paul:

Paul (AKA @mrpaulandrew) is the Founder & CTO of Cloud Formations, a specialist data consultancy based in the UK. With nearly 20 years’ experience designing and delivering Microsoft data architectures, Paul leads a passionate team of engineers, supporting businesses small and large with scalable cloud platforms. Business value delivered through data insights. Over the years, Paul has covered the breadth and depth of design patterns and industry leading concepts, including Lambda, Kappa, Delta Lake, Data Mesh and Data Fabric.

Paul is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, director for the Data Relay community conference, East Midlands user group leader, book author and mentor. In addition to the day job(s), Paul is a father of three, husband, foodie, runner, blood donor, geek, Lego, and Star Wars fan! Lastly, Paul confesses to enjoying a Ramstein playlist when given half a chance to do some coding for a customer project.

Please sign up for this highly anticipated session via the link at the top of this page. This is not one to be missed!

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We hope you can join us and please get in touch at meetups@ioassociates.co.uk with any questions or suggestions on future virtual meetups.

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Presented by:

Paul Andrew

Co-Founder & CTO, Cloud Formations

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