Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM

This meetup features Ying Zhou, Senior Director at Oracle.

Ying presents a fascinating talk on ‘Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned When Building AI SaaS Solutions’. They started building their first AI SaaS solution in 2016, there are countless things they learned on this journey.

In this talk, Ying shares with us the mistakes they made. How they almost failed? What lessons they learned? Why they made the current design decisions?

Ying is head of the OCI AI framework in Oracle. She works with the senior leadership teams to deliver Oracle AI SaaS solutions. Before Oracle, Ying has worked in both financial and telecom sectors to transform legacy systems with modern big data architecture.

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Watch ‘Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM’ here:

22/09/2020 7:00 pm

Location: Online

Presented by:

Ying Zhou

Product Manager, Microsoft

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