AWS AI London Meetup

We had three fantastic speakers lined up for an interesting talk surrounding: ‘Enriching your .NET Applications with AWS AI Services’.

Joining the session is Tom Harris, CTO at ClearBank, who will be delivering a lightening talk for our attendees, and Neil Syrett, Staff Engineer at ClearBank, who will be discussing ‘Wardley Mapping 101’. For the main talk, we welcome back Prasad Rao, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, who is presenting a session on ‘Building AI-enriched applications with .NET on AWS.’

With AWS AI services, you can add capabilities like image and video analysis, natural language processing, personalized recommendations and translation, virtual assistants, and speech recognition. You can use each service standalone, or you can use them together to build a sophisticated AI-capable application. In this demo-heavy session, discover how to iteratively enrich your existing .NET applications with AI capabilities using AWS SDK for .NET

Prasad Rao is a Principal Partner Solutions Architect for AWS based out of UK. His focus areas are .NET Application Modernization and Windows Workloads on AWS. He leverages his experience to help AWS Partners across EMEA for their long term technical enablement to build scalable architecture on AWS. He also mentors diverse people who are new to cloud and would like to get started on AWS.

If you’re interested in attending, the talk will be held in person on the 9th of February 2023 at Trainline HQ. Come along for some refreshments, food, a great talk in some great offices and great chance to dotNETwork.

Tom Harris is Chief Technology Officer at ClearBank and is responsible for driving ClearBank’s technology innovation and leading the continued build of its market leading core technology platform.

Tom joined ClearBank in 2018 and has been instrumental in building the Bank’s technology department, scaling the team to over 200 engineers.

Prior to joining ClearBank, Tom helped build Just Eat’s development organisation and was part of the team taking the business to IPO and then FTSE100. Tom is also the founder of BuildCircle, a successful software engineering consultancy that worked with Moonpig, BBC and other companies in the fintech industry.

Neil Syrett is a Staff Engineer and has been with ClearBank since 2020, previously having worked at ASOS, Regus and Symantec. He specialises in all aspects of software quality and testing, specifically test automation, TDD, CI/CD and performance testing. Neil is a proponent of DDD, Team Topologies and Wardley Mapping methodologies.

Neil’s session: Wardley Mapping is a powerful technique that is used by private businesses and public sector organisations to choose and evolve a strategy that allows them to remain ahead of the competition and avoid becoming irrelevant in an ever-changing world. Neil will be giving an overview of Wardley Mapping and how you might apply it to your organisation

About our partners. ClearBank was built on the belief that banking infrastructure would no longer slow down progress. Instead, it would be the catalyst that unlocks the potential to innovate. It would adapt to cater to different needs so a new era in financial services could begin.

Through their banking licence and innovative financial technology, they enable our clients to offer secure accounts, clear payments in real-time and enhance their banking propositions for their customers.

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23/02/2023 6:00 pm

Location: Online