Java Virtual Meetup – Monitoring a Murmuration of Microservices

Here we are joined by Rupert Madden-Abbott, Senior Developer at YellowDog, who delivered a session on ‘Monitoring a Murmuration of Microservices’.

This was a deep dive into how we gain insight into our production applications at YellowDog using technologies like Grafana, Loki, Promtail and Prometheus and how we integrate them with Spring Boot.

About our speaker:

Rupert Madden-Abbott has been a software developer for 10 years and nowadays mostly focusses on Java. At YellowDog he works on Spring Boot microservices that enable their multi-cloud compute provisioning and workload scheduling.

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Watch ‘Java Virtual Meetup – Monitoring a Murmuration of Microservices’ on-demand here:

27/07/2021 7:00 pm

Location: Online

Presented by:

Rupert Madden-Abbott

Senior Developer, YellowDog