Async method chaining in C# => super clear orchestration code

Join us at .NET Edinburgh’s Meetup on Wednesday 27 March at The Cambridge Bar for a brilliant talk by Andrew Poole on Async Method Chaining.

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What if there was a way to declaratively describe a chain or flow of async methods, which could be used when handling API requests or messages from a service bus queue or actually anywhere?

Recently, while refactoring a growing piece of business logic, Andrew found a way to achieve this. The logical conclusion is that related flows can be described in one place, in a single piece of orchestration, which is very easy to understand, navigate and debug.

Andrew Poole has been writing code for a living for 15+ years, most recently as an L5 Senior Software Engineer at ClearBank since 2020. He loves solving problems, design and architecture, communicating ideas and the incredible creativity of software engineering. He’s interested in event sourcing, immutable architecture and distributed systems. He also enjoy mentoring others and building great team culture. He has previously been a successful team lead, but what really drives him is striving to write elegant, intentional code which is easy to understand and maintain. He absolutely loves C# and only really dabbles in other languages in order to write better C#. Outside of work Andrew is a husband and father of 2 who enjoys playing bass guitar and making things in his shed.

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27/03/2024 6:30 pm

Location: The Cambridge Bar, 22 Young St, Edinburgh EH2 4JB


Presented by:

Andrew Poole

L5 Senior Software Engineer, ClearBank

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