iO Meetups

iO Meetups is a dynamic and engaging community of professionals that strives to connect like-minded individuals globally. The group, exclusively created by iO Associates, organises a series of events with the primary goal of promoting meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing among its members.

Who are
iO Meetups?

Through insightful and interesting talks, iO Meetups creates an environment where professionals can exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and build valuable connections.  

With a diverse range of expert speakers, iO ensure a wide spectrum of ideas and insights for attendees. Speakers could be industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, or professionals who have made significant contributions.  

What sets us apart is our commitment to bringing you trailblazing insights, helping our community develop their careers, encouraging peer support and collaboration within this community.  

Knowledge Sharing

Our primary focus is to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology landscape, as we understand the importance of keeping our community engaged and familiar with the latest cutting-edge developments.  

As such, iO Meetups meticulously curate our events to offer insightful sessions that cover a wide range of topics, such as emerging technologies, industry best practices, innovative approaches, leadership sessions along with future trends. 

Find talks you may wish to attend or past sessions HERE. If you are looking to boost your exposure to our communities our sponsorship packages can be viewed HERE.


As a Junior Developer, I've been attending as many tech meet-ups in South Wales and the South West as possible, and have been consistently grateful and impressed with the support given by iO to these events. Individuals such as Charlotte Herapath have been a constant, supportive presence at these events, and have lead me to recommend other developers to look to work with iO in future. My current career progression and direction owes a lot to these meet-ups, and I was always appreciate the support iO have given to these events.

Richard Jackson

Junior Developer

iO Meetups do an amazing job of putting on these events and giving back to the local tech community. It's evident how much they care not just about business, but about the local community as well! As a speaker it was a pleasure to be part of such an amazing event and I love all the other events I've been to as well. If you haven't had a chance yet, get involved. You might just learn something new, and even make great friends along the way.

Aaron Green

.Net Consultant

I've known and worked with iO Meetups for a while now. iO Meetups have provided great support for the tech community in Bristol. Their sponsorship of Southwest events has always been appreciated. I very much appreciate all of iO Meetup’s hard work in the community.

Ross Scott

Senior Software Engineer

Sydney and iO have been instrumental in the relaunch of Edinburgh .NET User Group. Without their help we wouldn’t have the fantastic venues to host the meetups or have the brilliant speakers that have joined us over the past year of meetups.

Owain Williams

Umbraco .Net Developer

I have worked with Sydney and iO Meetups in their capacity as a founding member and driving forces behind the .NET Edinburgh meetup. I joined as co-organiser after being inspired by the community they helped build and continued to foster.

James Wiseman

Software Developer

iO have not only been a champion of the meetup community in the past few years, I think it would have been impossible to have been as successful in the post-covid era without them. This community is made of a good mix of different sorts of people - from Developers, Designers, Architects to DevOps and Product Managers and iO are a part of that community - they help make the glue which holds it all together. From hosting events, helping organising guests, and most importantly showing up at meetup events and conferences. Showing up and being there at these events is so important - it really helps reinforce the bonds within the community, and with their help, it's gone from strength to strength.

Carl Sargunar

Organiser of .NET South West