iO Defence Series – An Interview with Nick Elliot

iO Associates are excited to bring you our latest interviews as part of The Defence Series’ – A conversation with Nick Elliott CB MBE, Chair of Helsing UK, the £100,000,000 man

During our discussion, we covered:

Helsings £100,000,000 investment in to UK defence.

If Ukraine have anything to do with that decision?

How Nick plan’s to spend the £100,000,000?

Which technologies are having tangible results on the battlefield and in protecting our soldiers?

Which technologies are being over-hyped by the media?

How will the next generation of ‘TikTok’ enabled soldiers change the way the military uses digital technologies?

Recruitment, there’s a digital skills gap in the UK, with defence not often seen as a top pick for graduates, how do we attract that talent into UK defence?

How do Helsing go about their recruitment? What makes Helsing such an exciting prospect?

As part of The Defence Series, we are looking to bring together individuals from all walks of life – whether previous service history, working within the MoD, working for a prime or someone that’s just interested in finding out more.

Location: Online


Presented by:

Nick Elliott CB MBE

Chair at Helsing UK, Helsing UK

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