iO .Net Virtual Meetup – From WCF to gRPC

We hosted our first iO Virtual Meetup – This new platform allows us to reach more of our community and get the most in-demand speakers on your choice of topics!

Our first Guest Speaker was Mark Rendle speaking on “From WCF to gRPC”.

gRPC is a high-performance messaging protocol that is ideal for communication between microservices and other clients on internal networks. It’s the ideal replacement for WCF or .NET Remoting, which are not supported on .NET Core.

In this talk, he explains the different models that gRPC enables, from Request/Response to full bi-directional streaming, and how they map to various WCF models. He’ll show how to create gRPC services and clients using the dotnet CLI, and share best practices for using them in the real world.

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Location: Online


Presented by:

​Mark Rendle

Microsoft Azure Development MVP,

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