How to Avoid Stepping in a Big Ball of Mud

Clean architecture is more needed than ever before.

SOLID principles are the order of the day and with code bases of hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of lines – it’s never been more important to combat developer turnover and code entropy by building and focusing on good architecture principles. So, what’s the opposite of beautiful clean code architecture?

“A Big Ball of Mud is a haphazardly structured, sprawling, sloppy, duct-tape-and-baling-wire, spaghetti-code jungle. These systems show unmistakable signs of unregulated growth and repeated expedient repair. Information is shared promiscuously among distant elements of the system, often to the point where nearly all the important information becomes global or duplicated.” – Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder

How do you avoid accidentally stepping in a big ball of mud!?

Well – all of your questions shall be answered by Matt Hunt.

Matt is both an AWS and Microsoft certified developer who has contracted at some of the biggest .NET contract houses in the country and in his spare time gives great talks on relevant topics occasionally offering surprising controversial takes (especially on SOLID principles)!

His talk “Avoid Stepping in a Big Ball of Mud” has been well received already in several places and may just be what you need to stop your code from looking like a spaghetti junction.

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19/04/2023 6:30 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Matt Hunt

Software Developer, Co-founder .NET Cardiff, Zero Fintech

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