The Legend of the T-Shaped Developer

Traditionally, organisations have favoured I-shaped developers: a type of specialist that has honed a deep and pretty specific area of expertise. Now, besides having a defined area of expertise that goes deep into one field, T-shaped developers also have a broad knowledge in other areas of expertise such as DevOps, Cloud, or UX. Why is this shift occurring? Scroll down to watch this iO Meetup.

This talk covers EDA with Cosmos & Event Hubs, Upgrading Azure Functions to .Net 7’s Isolated Model and Leveraging DevOps Practices to help Reduce Tech Debt. Bringing you 3 lightning talks that all link back to The Legend of the T-Shaped Developer!

We are joined by Ian Griffiths (Principal Engineer), Adam Cullen (Enterprise Architect), and Chris Taylor (Director of Engineering (DevOps)).

Ian is a Principal Engineer at Confused.com and has been building full stack, cloud-hosted applications on AWS and Azure for nearly 10 years. He regularly wonders to himself about how many of the concepts he learned when he started being a professional developer working on IBM mainframes are still relevant and valid today.

His talk titled “Upgrading Azure Functions to .Net 7’s Isolated Model” is a demonstration of taking a .Net 6 HTTP-triggered in-process function and updating it to run as a .Net 7 out-of-process function.

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Watch ‘The Legend of the T-Shaped Developer’ on-demand here:

28/06/2023 6:30 pm

Location: Online

Presented by:

Ian Griffiths

Engineer, Confused.com