Gender Diversity in Engineering with Tiffany Dawson

Tiffany Dawson, ex-mechanical engineer turned career coach for women in STEM, presents a poignant talk on ‘Gender Diversity in Engineering – Why it Matters & What You Can Do About It’.

Despite efforts to address the imbalance, as of 2020 just 10.4% of those working in engineering identified as female. In this session, we share insights and resources around D&I and cover topics such as;

– The current gender balance landscape in engineering UK
– Why it matters
– Why gender inequality still exists in engineering
– What you can personally do about it

More about Tiffany

Tiffany Dawson teaches step-by-step frameworks to become confident, strategy-savvy and influential leaders with ease and grace. Having worked at global engineering consultancies across Australia and the UK, she witnessed and experienced the many challenges women still face in male-dominated industries. After overcoming her own battles with impostor syndrome and poor work-life balance, she was compelled to teach other women to do the same. You can often find Tiffany speaking at events about gender equality in STEM and sharing career advice on her podcast, How to be a STEMinist.

Find out more here: https://www.tiffanydawson.co/

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29/04/2021 9:30 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Tiffany Dawson

Leadership Coach for Women in STEM and Female Founders, TiffanyDawson.co

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