Pardon the disruption: a user-first approach to software design

iO Associates bring you our JavaScript Virtual Meetup! This meetup is a new community with the aim of bringing together JavaScript professionals nationwide through insightful and interesting talks.

Invited to the session are Derek Binkley, Engineering Lead at Localize, who present a talk on ‘Pardon the disruption: a user-first approach to software design’.

The technology industry celebrates disruptive technologies and brags about revolutionary new features and products. Lots of great technology has been created this way. Most of the time, our product’s users don’t want to be disrupted or revolutionised. They just want things to work.

In this talk, we learnt to think of your users first when designing your software or website. Thinking this way will allow your users to better understand changes and embrace new, great features instead of fearing them.

Derek Binkley is a Full Stack Engineer with Localize. While getting his start fixing the Y2K date problem in Cobol, Derek quickly moved on to spend over twenty years using JavaScript, PHP, JVM Languages, relational and NoSQL databases.

He enjoys teaching others through speaking, mentoring, and writing articles. Derek encourages developers to write clean, testable code. When not in front of a computer he spends time with family, travels, and makes sourdough crust pizza.

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Watch ‘Pardon the disruption: a user-first approach to software design’ on-demand here:

06/12/2022 6:00 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Derek Binkley

Engineering Manager, Localize

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