The Challenges of Dynamic Content in a Static World – Java Script

Rob shares his insights and experience on how to effectively handle the challenges of maintaining high performance and scalability for a global website with a high volume of new daily content from a team of 100+ editors, while coping with millions of users on the front end.

We cover:

  • How we handle continuously changing content while keeping optimum performance
  • Performant A/B testing in a static site environment

Rob Humar is a seasoned web development professional with over 17 years of experience, currently serving as the head of web development at Dexerto, the largest eSports and gaming news publisher in the US.

Rob leads a team of highly skilled developers who specialise in building and maintaining multiple large scale React websites that receive an impressive 60 million users per month. The team under his leadership is dedicated to implementing the latest technologies and code testing coverage to ensure high performance and scalability for the websites.

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07/03/2023 6:00 pm

Location: Online


Presented by:

Rob Humar

Seasoned Engineering Leader, Dexterto

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