CMS Special: If Carlsberg did .NET Content Management Systems

Join us at .NET South West’s Meetup on Tuesday 27 February at our iO Offices in Bristol for two talks looking at the Umbraco Content Management system.

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Umbraco is a leading .NET content management system used by brands such as Carlsberg, Volvo and The European Union. Perhaps you’ve seen it mentioned in job ads, or had a play with it years ago in the .NET Framework days. It offers developers high flexibility, security and scalability whilst giving content editors an easy-to-use interface and intuitive editing experience. It’s free and Open-Source, and supported by a community of friendly, highly-engaged developers.

If Carlsberg did .NET Content Management Systems with Lotte Pitcher
In this talk we learn what a .NET developer needs to know to get started with modern (.NET 8) Umbraco. We review its key features, including recently added ones such headless and EF core support, and where the product is heading in the future. Enough for you to determine if Umbraco is a good fit for current or upcoming projects, or if you want to extend your .NET skills and learn something new.

Lotte Pitcher has been building websites for longer than she cares to remember, and has recently joined the Developer Relations team at Umbraco, She is a Microsoft MVP, a long-time open-source contributor and a passionate advocate for being an active member of a healthy, inclusive tech community. Follow her on Twitter.

Live demo : Building an Umbraco site with Carl Sargunar
In this demo, Carl puts together a small website from a template to demonstrate some of the features of the Umbraco CMS. While we can’t look at all the features available, we get a good overview of the various stages in putting a website together

Starting with v13 of Umbraco, a new feature also allows headless access to your content, so we look at building a cross platform app in .NET Maui to consume content from your CMS

Carl Sargunar is a .NET developer who has been building web and mobile apps for the last decade or so, and for the majority of that time his favourite CMS has been Umbraco

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iO Meetups are proud to be long-term supporters of the .NET South West community and look forward to hosting another of these Meetups at our offices.

27/02/2024 6:30 pm

Location: St Bartholomew's, Lewins Mead, Bristol, BS1 2NH